Dead To The World (Malamor) – Remix by Crownlan – Filippo Da Lan & Nadia Corona – Death Metal Competition

Music has no boundaries except those we impose on ourselves and our imaginations. That’s why when we recently had the opportunity to work on a death metal song, we accepted the challenge with open arms, even though it is a genre far from what we usually produce.

The song “Dead to the World” was written and recorded in the late 1990s by Malamor, an American death metal band. For this project, they featured the singer Frank Mullen of Suffocation.

This death metal song didn’t leave us indifferent from the first listen, with its intense and brutal sounds. The gloomy atmosphere, emotional tension, anger, and comfortless loneliness in this song really impressed us. The idea behind our remix was to create a sense of contrast between our voices and the power of the original music.

We wondered how to write a melodic death metal piece and make a catchy melody that would enhance the Malamor song while preserving its integrity and retaining its live sound. So in the spirit of creativity, we remixed Dead To The World by creating text, voices, and video!

In this article, we will take a look behind the scenes at how the creative process that led to this project came about. But first of all, here’s the music video we made for the Death Metal contest remix of this powerful song by Malamor: Dead To The World.

Malamor Dead To The World Remix (Death Metal)

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About Malamor

Malamor is a death metal band from Kingston, New York. The band was formed in 1993 on the initiative of guitarist and singer Ben Kolts.

From the start, Malamor wanted their music to be both brutal and catchy. The goal was to capture their audience’s attention, keep them engaged and make them move.

Malamor’s death metal has always been powerful and epic, as is typical of this musical genre born in the United States around the mid-80s thanks to bands like Slayer, Possessed, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse.

What’s death metal music

Death metal is a subgenre of heavy metal – an evolution of trash – which takes some characteristics to extremes, such as the compositional technique, the distortion, and fast rhythms with abrupt tempo changes.

Compared to the metal of the early 70s, death metal lyrics, and topics tend to be much cruder. In death metal, the lyrics describe scenarios of destruction, discomfort, and death, as well as anger. Growling is the vocal technique used in death metal to express dark emotions through the use of guttural voice and atonal sounds.

Of course, like any genre of music, death metal has its sub-genres, such as melodic death metal, symphonic death metal, and gothic death metal.

In the case of Malamor, death metal is taken to the extreme and becomes brutal death metal. In this subgenre, the rhythm is more pressing, the guitars and bass are even more distorted, and the lyrics are extremely harsh. Technicalities are inserted that introduce jazz influences to the music. This is proof that musical genres. really don’t have boundaries!

The 1990s were a decade of great importance for metal music and gave birth to many famous worldwide bands. Indeed, along with Malamor, other bands formed during the 1990s include Nightwish (1996), who followed symphonic metal; Arch Enemy (1995), exponents of the melodic death metal, and Evanescence (1995) known for their amazing gothic metal.

At this link, you can find the original version of Dead To The World by Malamor

About the Dead To The World – Malamor – Death Metal Remix Contest

The opportunity to remix Malamor’s Dead To The World death metal song was offered to us by the Produce Like a Pro community founded by Warren Huart, who organized this great international death metal contest in collaboration with Kristian Kohl of Kohle Audio Kult.

We recently took part in another initiative organized by the ProduceLikeAPro Academy, and this led to our winning the Gilad Hekselman Jazz Competition. After that, we accepted the challenge of remixing a death metal song – a style so far removed from our own.

Warren Huart is a Los Angeles-based music producer who has been nominated for the 49th Grammy Awards for his work on The Fray’s song “How To Save A Life.” Over the years, Warren has played an important role in creating platinum-certified albums and contributed to the career development of many successful artists, such as Aerosmith and James Blunt.

Instead, Kristian Kohle is an iconic German metal producer who runs the Kohlekeller Studio together with Kai Stahlenberg in Frankfurt, Germany. Alongside producing, he also teaches at the Kohle Audio Kult Metal Production Academy.

Warren and Kristian’s initiative, combined with Malamor’s generosity in sharing the original tracks of the death metal song Dead To The World, gave us the opportunity to participate in this contest and carry out this project.

Dead To The World: Lyrics and Vocals

A remix is a creative take on an existing song that modifies, reinvents, or expands on its elements. When you make a remix, you can change the melody and rhythm or add new details to create a completely new track that is inspired by the original. However, our intention with this death metal remix was to maintain the integrity of the song. And to enhance the performance of Malamor‘s extraordinary musicians, we decided to use all of the original tracks and keep their live sound and atmosphere.

At the same time, we thought about how to enrich the song with gothic metal and symphonic metal nuances, adding piano and orchestra, without losing sight of the expressive power of the original Malamor song.

The song’s distorted sound offers huge energy, alternating moments of anger with others where dissatisfaction and disappointment prevail without leaving room for any other feeling.

The lyrics are strong and open to various interpretations, which can be shaped by one’s own experience. It could even express the anger, and sense of defeat one feels in front of the human being who is gradually destroying the planet where we live. Indeed, death metal song lyrics are always open to many interpretations.

We also wanted to create an intro that included piano, voices, and orchestra, anticipating the band’s attack and recalling one of the verses from Dead to The World. At the same time, the vocal parts during the song intertwine with the original voice in a sort of question-and-answer that recalls the concept of a modern “Greek choir“,  creating a conversation between them. In ancient Greek theater, the choir had a specific role: it participated in the leading actor’s radical positions, commented on the action, described what was happening, and underscored the story.

And in a certain sense – with all the diversity of the case being a death metal context – that’s what we did, conversing with Frank Mullen and Malamor’s growling voice and floating through the guitar distortion.

Well, that’s all for this remix. If you like it, check out our YouTube video and write a comment! 🙂

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