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Under the Rain

Under the rain,

ALWAYS we’ll be free
Under the rain,

what we’ve lost

we don’t need…

Under the Rain • Voices at the service of the Music

Under the Rain is a single composed by Crownlan and recorded in Dublin (Ireland).

It is an exploration of different music styles, a skillful vocal fusion with a particular sound without instruments, only voicesThis experimental vocal fusion creates an emotional reinterpretation of contemporary pop, with influences of R&B, Beatbox and Irish underground sounds.

Video Under the Rain

Under the Rain - Song by Crownlan video Nadia Corona & Filippo Da Lan

The journey, the opportunities we have lost and it was good…what we don’t need and what we can do without, this is what Under the Rain talks about.
This song with complex atmospheres and architecture uses the rain as a metaphor to say that under the same rain we are the same thing, with our happiness and our thoughts. Under the Rain, we are free to dream and above all to be happyThe rain has a leading role in the single cover art too: a futuristic raindrops abstract, where thoughts and feelings melt away.

You can find Under the Rain in the main music store online, like iTunes and Amazon. Download the song and add it to your playlist on Spotify! The single is present also on Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Listen to Under the Rain on Spotify

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Listen to Under the Rain on Spotify

Download Under the Rain from iTunes

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