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About Crownlan


Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

(Berthold Auerbach)

Crownlan | About

Crownlan comes from an idea of Nadia Corona and Filippo Da Lan, singers, musicians, composers and producers.

The music that has always influenced our evolution is without bias of style. Music with a good sound made of contaminations and away from predetermined patterns. We like to range over jazz, our true passion with those romantic and soft songs, to the rhythmic swing and to the pop, without forgetting R&B, soul and electronic music, always crossing different music styles, as is typical in crossover.

Our Journey in the Music


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Without music, life would be a mistake“. Of course, without music our existence would be a mistake. But you know, life is complex more than what we want. Often life asks you to do something or to be someone. Sometimes you have to decide between music and too many priorities. For us it was often like this. But you can not choose when the music represents you so much.
For this reason, we decided to do everything is possible to live a life in which passions and work are interconnected.

Crownlan for us means music and voice, but not only.
Over the years, we have worked as vocal coaches with singers and musicians and we worked in the business training area. In addition to music, we work full time in the marketing and communication field.

Travelling is an important aspect of our life. In 2009 we moved to Ireland, where we had the possibility to explore new sounds. In Dublin was composed and recorded the single Under the Rain created only by voices that become instruments. It is an experimental vocal fusion that creates an emotional reinterpretation of pop music, with influences of R&B, beatbox and Irish underground sound.

After Ireland we moved to Montreal in Canada, where the music scene, especially regarding jazz, is very interesting.
Today we divide between Italy and the Algarve region in Portugal. We have known this place almost 10 years ago when we collaborated on a cultural project organized by a local association in order to organize an international Jazz Festival.

In this beautiful place, among other things, we are dedicating ourselves to a project of meditative and inspirational music. Why? The answer is easy. It is good for the soul of the listeners and for the musicians that play it.

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