Can you talk about me? Paula Jivén – Remix by Crownlan Filippo Da Lan & Nadia Corona


On this page, you can listen to the preview of our remix of Paula Jivén’s pop song “Can We Talk About Me?

The opportunity to remix this track was provided by Universal Music Sweden in collaboration with SKIO Music.

We made this remix of Paula Jivén’s song “Can We Talk About Me?” adding new elements to the original track with the intention of preserving its beauty, authenticity and integrity while also exploring new creative avenues.

The remix features additional vocals (ours 😉) and a new melody. Although we usually sing in English, in this particular case, we wanted to add lyrics in Italian in line with the message of the song and create a sort of conversation that would comment, describe and underline the story.

Can you talk about me? Paula Jivén – Remix by Crownlan

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Can you talk about me? Paula Jivén Video

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